MintPal Adds Litecoin Trading Options to its Services

MintPal Adds Litecoin Trading Options in its Services

MintPal Adds Litecoin Trading Options in its Services

Renowned crypto-currency exchange MintPal is now offering its customers the facility to exchange Litecoins with Bitcoins

Amidst the hocus-pocus going on in other Bitcoin exchanges, MintPal is creating a positive buzz in the market. The small but renowned UK based startup is now offering users with the most-sought-after Litecoin trading features.

Within just a month since its launch, MintPal have been news for offering users the best and faultless user experience with quick support times. The exchange has fulfilled its promise to keep adding new coins based on their popularity. As Litecoins seems like the next-best option for investors, especially after the Bitcoin’s mishap at Mt. Gox, MintPal has wasted no extra second to introduce this alt-currency on its user-friendly exchange platform.

And it is what MintPal promises after all, that is a secure and reliable trading environment for its users. The startup has hugely focused on the loopholes in major exchanges, which has recently led Mt. Gox and BitStamp to pause their transactions due to a DDoS attack.
Meanwhile, newly emerging startups like MintPal are focusing highly on preventing such issues in future. The UK based exchange has claimed to have been made on an architecture that supports full DDoS protection with a leading provider. Believing this, we can assume that no transactions problem are likely to occur on MintPal that could jeopardize Bitcoin’s value further.


Although Litecoins is posed to receive an equal threat when it comes to being hacked. Recently, a high number of Trojan attacks were reported on Litecoin ticker apps. The news was first revealed by the SecureMac lead developer Mr. Nicholas Pracek who stated that the Trojans were designed to monitor traffic and detect the users’ log-in attempts on Mt. Gox and other major digital currency exchanges.

The solution however lies in keeping your digital currencies in cold wallets, i.e. offline. MintPal’s architecture is designed to support cold wallets, as well as distributed and hot wallets. The company has sincerely aimed at improving scalability from Day 1, after learning from the recent hassles faced by digital currency community.

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