Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Committee to Hold Private Discussions


Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Committee to Hold Private DiscussionsSome senior Minnesota state staff and lawmakers are holding a private meeting in order to draft the final medical marijuana measure that could be approved by both the Senate and House and Governor Mark Dayton.

A committee that draws members from the Senate and House has been convened, though it is yet to meet. The bill’s Senate sponsor, Sen. Scott Dibble is expected to lead the first meeting of the committee. He revealed on Wednesday that the group doesn’t plan to immediately hold its meeting in public. Besides Dibble, the meeting will include Chief House sponsor Republican Carly Melin, House Majority Leader and a number of senior Dayton administration staff: Jaime Tincher, Chief of Staff; Joanna Dornfeld, Senior Policy Adviser and Ed Ehlinger, Commissioner of Health.


Some of the contentious issues that are likely to be discussed include the number of sites that will be allowed to dispense the drug. Melin’s bill would have allowed one grow site and a maximum of two more sites for distribution; while Dibble’s proposal would licensed 55 grow-and-distribute facilities. Dibble is willing to reduce the number to 24 sites, something Melin seemed to warm towards, reported Star Tribune.

“I think we’d be willing to move up a little bit. Probably not as far as twenty-four,” Melin said.

Melin’s proposal plans to create a state-controlled register of patients using medical marijuana for the purposes of helping in research, something which though wasn’t included in the Senate’s bill, was welcomed by Dibble as long as there are no complications.

“The idea of getting more information, more data, is interesting to me,” Dibble said. “I uphold the idea of information. I reject the idea of erecting barriers for people unnecessarily.” To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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