Minnesota Senate Debates Bill that Seeks to Legalize Medical Marijuana


Minnesota Senate Debates Bill that Seeks to Legalize Medical MarijuanaMinnesota Senate discussed a bill that seeks to legalize medical marijuana on Tuesday, which will permit registered patients to use the drug in the form of vapour, oil and pills and outlaws smoking it.

Should the bill be approved, it will make Minnesota the first U.S. state that prohibits smoking the medical marijuana.

The bill has faced stiff opposition from law enforcers, who are against the possession of the cannabis, whether through self-growing or smoking. They argue that the decriminalization of the drug will widen its reach, and cause a spike in the number of cases involving drivers who are high on the substance and also end up in children’s hands.


“If you allow the smokeable plant to be distributed, you’re going to end up simply with a bag of marijuana in a car,” said Champlin Police Chief Dave Kolb, co-chairman of the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, according to CBS News. “At that point, no one can determine where it came from and where it’s going.”

However, this stand has been opposed by some patients, who argue that certain conditions like chemotherapy-related nausea would make it difficult to administer the drug in oil or pill form. They also argue that smoking is inexpensive and delivers quick relief.

“A vaporizer is cumbersome,” said Pat McClellan, a Burnsville resident who suffers from a certain type of muscular dystrophy. “It takes both hands to use and the high-end ones, which don’t break like the other ones, can cost $500 to $700.”

The bill has also faced widespread opposition from most Republican senators who insist that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration should first legalize medical marijuana before the state decriminalizes it. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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