Minnesota House Committee Approves of Medical Marijuana Legalization


Minnesota House Committee Approves of Medical Marijuana Legalization

The State’s Medical Marijuana Bill passes first stage upon emotional testimonies describing its benefits on patients

ForexMinute.com – Tuesday saw Minnesota House Committee going through a detailed and extensive debate on whether the medical marijuana legalization bill must be shelved or not. The environment though was moved by the emotional testimonies from the patient’s family members, who were outright supporting cannabis legalization, owing to its health benefits.

One among them was Joni Whiting, a denizen of Jordan, who permitted her adult daughter to use marijuana in the final months of her life, when the latter was battling with melanoma symptoms. “I am no longer willing to support making criminals out of the sick and dying,” said the 58-year old.

However, some members of the Minnesota Family Council could not buy any medical benefits of marijuana. Autumn Leva of the same group testified that the drug is highly-addictive and alters the users’ mind. She also reminded the house of the repercussions the youth can face if pot is made legal.

The bill although also mentions that patients must be given a special ID card to use medical marijuana, to counterbalance users that would use it for means other than health. The cannabis will also be given to only those patients who have its proper prescription by a doctor or a designated health professional.


Rep. Carly Melin, who has also the credit of the sponsoring the bill, although has previously made clear that the bill would only bring a legislation into the law that “would allow legal, safe and regulated treatment for patients who need treatment with medical marijuana.”

The view of the 28-year old representative thought didn’t meet with enthusiastic response by her counterparts. Rep. Glenn Gruehagen, who simple asked to strip the bill of language that would permit patients to use, as well grow marijuana, supported further by Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

Gov. Mark Dayton however took a balance stand on the bill, after occupying thoughts from both the sides. He later signaled people and representatives to compromise on a legislation that can benefit the patients and the society equally.

The amendment came to naught by an 8-10 vote, and was advanced to a voice vote. It will now be heard before the House Government Operations Committee.

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