Minnesota Becomes 21st U.S. State to Legalize Medical Marijuana


Minnesota Becomes 21st U.S. State to Legalize Medical MarijuanaMinnesota Governor Mark Dayton has signed into law a measure that legalizes the use of medical marijuana in the state, though the law itself is very strict on how the drug should be handled.

The law, which makes Minnesota one of the only 21 U.S. states to legalize clinical marijuana, lays down the qualifications that make a patient eligible to use the drug, and also controls the way the drug is used. This means it is illegal to obtain the marijuana in leaf form or to smoke it, reported the Associated Press.

“I pray it will bring to the victims of ravaging illnesses the relief they are hoping for,” wrote Dayton in a statement.


However, medical marijuana activists have lambasted the bill, saying most people who deserve access to the treatment won’t be able to obtain it. But the bill’s sponsors insisted that the measure had full support from the state’s medical fraternity as well as law enforcers. Gov. Dayton has repeatedly said that he won’t sign the bill unless the two entities backed it.

The bill lists some of the medical conditions that qualify a patient to use the drug as glaucoma, AIDS and Cancer. A patient must obtain consent from a qualified nurse or physician assistant in order to access the drug. The drug will be available in oil, vapour or pill form, beginning mid-2015. Eight dispensaries and two processing facilities will be registered across the whole state.

The law also makes a provision for the formation of a task force to investigate the effects of the medical marijuana. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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