Millennius Accepting Bitcoins, Making Online Shopping Easy for Customers

Coinsetter to Provide a New Bitcoin Trading Platform for Online Traders
Coinsetter to Provide a New Bitcoin Trading Platform for Online Traders

The wide approval of Bitcoins seems inevitable for various reasons; one being that it is the currency of the future. From the statement issued by Millennius founder Pierre Boutros that Bitcoins are becoming a far more common payment mechanism for online transactions than others, the inevitable is here.

He also stresses that as many global online businesses are adding the functionality, Bitcoins are definitely going to make headway for a better future. Thus, becoming the first major Australian online retailer to accept Bitcoin payments, Millennius is definitely going to become an apple of the eye for customers who wish to purchase using this virtual currency. It will make shopping easier for customers and help the retailer to cater the new sector of buyers who trade in Bitcoins.

Pierre Boutros accepts that his decision was not taken overnight; rather, he monitored the trends and then decided that it was the right time to accept Bitcoins. The entire effort on his parts seems to be on making his products more accessible to customers – simply put, he does not want to leave aside the customers who wish to pay in Bitcoins.

Acceptability for the new technology according to him will help him have leverage over the competitors. He admits that to make the most he needs to become an early adopter as he thinks the new technology will help him compete against the larger players in the market.

However, he rules out that accepting Bitcoins does not mean that he would no longer be accepting credit cards and bank transfer payments; rather, these will still be the major modes of payments. Bitcoins is a mereaddition to help out customers who wish to pay in Bitcoins.