Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin ATM Were Not Publicity, Goes Live near the Las Vegas Strip

Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin ATM Goes Live near the Las Vegas Strip
Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin ATM Goes Live near the Las Vegas Strip
Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin ATM Goes Live near the Las Vegas Strip

When this writer wrote about Mike Tyson’s Bitcoin venture he was not so sure if it was really going to happen and that too so soon; however, it appears, he was mistaken as a Tyson-branded Bitcoin dispensing machine has been installed near the Las Vegas Strip. Thus, the news that looked more like a publicity stunt has now become a fact.

The decision by Mike Tyson to enter into Bitcoin business under a new deal with Bitcoin Direct to produce Bitcoin ATM’s with his name and likeness has finally been executed. Nonetheless, ForexMinute had then reported that the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM was going to provide faster than Mike Tyson’s knock out bout transaction time.

User-Friendly One-Way Bitcoin ATM for Fast Transactions

It appears the whole intention of the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM is highlighting the one of the greatest fights ever that happened between the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and Marvis Frazier. The major feature of the historic fight between the two great boxers was that Tyson had defeated him in just 30 seconds.

Though the confirmation had come from a tweet from Mike Tyson who had then tweeted about the latest venture, not many thought it would be going to be so early. Looks like his team is not just fast in providing the Bitcoin ATM that gives fastest transactions but also well in executing the decision made in the last month.

Bitcoin Direct is Operating the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM

Elaborating the development, Peter Klamka, CEO of Bitcoin Direct, the Mike Tyson ATM was installed on Tuesday and activated yesterday. He informed that the ATM’s exact location is within The LINQ Hotel & Casino’s Promenade, off the strip, on South Las Vegas Boulevard. It is a one-way Lamassu ATM.

Thus, users can only convert their money into Bitcoin and the fees are liable to score a knockout faster than Tyson is used to. It costs 10% over the current Bitstamp exchange rate price at the time of purchase to use. The new Bitcoin ATM is not just fast but convenient a lot to help customers get best in the industry experience.

Interestingly, the Mike Tyson Bitcoin ATM has limitations; for instance, the limits for the unregistered users have been set at $1000 / day.

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