Microtronix Comes Up With an Online Wallet Hosting Service

Microtronix Comes Up With an Online Wallet Hosting Service
Microtronix Comes Up With an Online Wallet Hosting Service

Microtronix Comes Up With an Online Wallet Hosting Service

Microtronix Web Hosting, a subsidiary of Microtronix ESolutions, a technology company based out of Toledo, Ohio with clients all around the world, has announced that it has brought in an online wallet hosting service. A spokesperson for the company says that if Bitcoiners are tired of the so-called online wallets that they just keep losing their money in, they can opt for its online wallet hosting services.

Microtronix has offices in Ohio, USA and Guatemala, C.A. however; it caters the requirements from the clients from more than a dozen countries from around the world. It has a couple of dedicated servers that their only purpose on this planet is to host “Bitcoind” daemons. Daemons are computer program that run as a background process, rather than being under the direct control of an interactive user in multitasking computer operating systems.

Bitcoin Online Wallet Service

In its Bitcoin wallet service from Microtronix, customers sign up to create a new user on its Linux servers which enables them to have their own user directory on the server. The company then compiles “Bitcoind” from scratch for client’s user alone. Once it is done, then the “Bitcoind” service on its servers for client’s user is launched. Thus, in the end it is like having a personal server running the Bitcoind daemon.

Microtronix aims to provide low-cost hosting and data solutions to clients amidst the increasing hosting costs. Lowering its prices and helping its customers, the company is trying to balance the business. Moreover, as it works directly with 4 Datacenters across the U.S. and 3 outside the U.S., it has a broad and comprehensive capability to provide the best in the network connectivity.


Thus, Microtronix ensures that customers are able to get 100% online access to their wallet at all times and instead of a community wallet, they have their own personal wallet.dat file. The company ensures that as it’s in client’s user’s directory and Linux, they can stay assured as Linus is one of the safest OS.

Some Rich Features

Microtronix claims that with an online wallet hosting service clients can provide their customers safety and security for their Bitcoin. Moreover, as SSH access is only allowed with pre-authorized Keys, none can brute force hack customers’ password to hack into their user in SSH. Additionally, as all SSH accounts are jailshelled; there is limited access to the client only for higher safety and security.

Microtronix also offers full backup services for customers’ wallet at the lower monthly cost of $2.00 per 10GB of space.

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