Michigan City Settles on Industrial Zone as Location for Medical Marijuana Facilities


Michigan City Settles on Industrial Zone as Location for Medical Marijuana FacilitiesBirmingham is currently looking to permit medical marijuana facilities to open in its Rail District after the city’s planning commission amended local zoning laws in a 6-0 vote, paving way for medical marijuana facilities as a permitted use.

However, the measure must be approved by the City Commission before it is implemented, reported the Observer & Eccentric.

Until now, Birmingham has repeatedly refused to allow medical marijuana facilities to open within its borders, saying marijuana is still viewed as illegal under the federal law. However, Michigan Supreme Court directed in 2013 that municipalities must abide by the Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act and let the facilities be opened.

Birmingham settled on the Rail District as the only place that the medical marijuana facilities will be located. The area, which is located to the east of Eton, is an industrial and business hub, with railroad tracks nearby, no single-family dwellings and is next to a police shooting range in Kenning Park.


However, the facilities won’t dispense medical cannabis but will simply be grow warehouses (for growing the drug), revealed City Attorney Tim Currier. He also added that the only people who will be allowed to access the facilities are caregivers and patients, and that each caregiver would be allowed to grow a maximum of 12 plants for each patient, and be allowed a maximum of 5 patients.

Currier, however, expressed concerns about the possibility of crime, after a warehouse in Troy was broken into immediately it opened.

“We’re not concerned about the medical marijuana user who might have cancer and is using marijuana inside their home,” he said. “Our concern is the larger operations attract crime.”

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