Merchant Stops Accepting Dogecoin; Community Reacts


Merchant Stops Accepting Dogecoin; Community Reacts – Amagi Metals, one of the most renowned precious metals online stores, decided to discontinue accepting Dogecoin for its services. This came as a huge blow to Dogecoin’s face which was already under attacks, following the speculation of its possible death.


The store cited many reasons in their press release for taking such immediate action, ranging from double spend issues to the involvement of bad actors in the Dogecoin network. But most of the time, the explanation given by Amagi Metals seemed like the exact replica of what Litecoin creator Charles Lee said last week. The press release reads:

“There are many factors going into the decline of Dogecoin’s performance in recent months: popularity decline, mining levels becoming more difficult, thus less rewards for smaller mining operations and overall issues with the network and pay-outs that “creators are currently working on”.”

The Dogecoin community however didn’t take this criticism well. One of the members, codename Sporklin, threw some really active replies to the Amagi Metal team, saying that the latter are indeed confused about the developments coming from Dogecoin in the upcoming months. On their criticism on Dogecoin’s forked blockchain, Sporklin indirectly accused the store to be biased towards the coin, saying that “the company started to accept Dogecoin five months ago; four months ago Dogecoin had a hard fork as we went into 1.6. This happened actually while [Amagi Metals] was already accepting [Dogecoin] and had no apparent issues on [their] end or on anyone else’s.”

The Shibe further defended Dogecoin on the company’s “untrustworthy action in the blockchain” comment, saying that their coin’s blockchain has a safe mode and it is carefully monitored to notify developers, companies, exchanges and users if any doubtful activity is noticed.

Sporklin didn’t even spare Charlie Lee for spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt in the Dogecoin market, while masking as a saviour. The entire Shibe community has the same views of Lee as per now.

Amagi Metals later confirmed to consider Sporklin’s response and get their facts straight until the next announcement on Dogecoin. But as per this moment, users cannot buy from the store using this fun-filled crypto coin.

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