Mentor Capital to Expand Bhang Chocolate Company


Mentor Capital to Expand Bhang Chocolate Company

Bhang Chocolate Company will dispatch $39 million in equity-funding to Mentor Capital for the former’s international expansion – In an early morning news by Quote Media, further published at Business Wire™, the leading marijuana funding provider Mentor Capital. Inc. (OTC Markets: MNTR) has reported to have teamed up with the world’s leading cannabis edibles brand Bhang Chocolate Company, in the interest of latter’s expansion in marijuana-related sectors. Bhang Chocolate Company has paid Mentor Capital a whopping #39 million in equity funding for international expansion.

Mentor Capital CEO, Chet Billingsley, affirms, “By a wide margin, five time cannabis cup winner, Bhang Chocolate is recognized as the world’s singular leading cannabis brand. We feel privileged to be working with the Bhang management team lead by founder Scott Van Rixel. In the explosively growing and sometimes chaotic environment accompanying marijuana legalization, they provide a bulwark of business professionalism and integrity in the delivery of Bhang’s gourmet medicinal chocolates and growing infused edible selections.”


Another statement is posted by the Bhang Chocolate Company CEO Scott Van Rixel, who is expecting exponential growth in the marijuana market after the partnership with Mentor Capital. “The marijuana community,” he says, “has had mixed results thus far with the public companies that have come to deal with us. What is needed is funding through the public market that is fair, to help our good, solid companies grow.”

“I believe we have found that exact mix for Bhang in working with Chet Billingsley and Mentor Capital. Going forward, I’ll be joining the Mentor Capital board. We insisted, and will be there as a gateway to ensure the best real cannabis sector companies get a fair and knowledgeable review that can lead to the major financing they deserve.”

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