Mentor Capital to Call its Series D Warrants for Marijuana Investments


Mentor Capital to Call its Series D Warrants for Marijuana Investments – Renowned marijuana funding provider Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTC Markets: MNTR) is aiming to raise a whopping $100 million for cannabis investments. To achieve the target, the company is calling its 15 Million Series D Warrants, with an individual price of $7 per share.

These warrants are already in the hands of Mentor Capital’s original 1,500 mostly accredited investors. The call period is through June 30th, 2014, as stated in Mentor Capital’s press release. Upon the release of the specified price and time period, the company is hoping that all its warrants will be exercised as more and more shareholders are inclining towards becoming its designees.


However, in case some of the warrants remain unexercised, Mentor Capital has referred to the Section 1145 of the US Code, which says that that the “unexercised warrants may be redeemed and exercised by alternative company designees.”

The company has also issued some guidelines to exercise warrants for diverse kinds of warrant holders. They include the holders that have deposited their DTC qualified D warrants into their forex brokerage accounts, the ones who own them physically, and the ones who had lost their warrant certificates. While the holders belonging to the second and third category can simply contact Mentor Capital to exercise their warrants, the ones with the brokerage accounts can exercise the same directly through their brokers.

By acquisition or stock purchase, Mentor Capital, Inc. seeks to invest in leading cannabis companies. Additional information for investors and founders seeking expansion funding is presented at:

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