Meet a New and “Easy” Cryptocurrency


Meet a New and “Easy” Cryptocurrency – Ever since Bitcoin, there have been numerous attempts in the cryptocurrency sector to revive the Satoshi Nakamoto’s magic. The later attempts in the name of Litecoin and Dogecoin were somewhat successful. Then came the time of feature-rich cryptocurrencies luring investors with innovative transaction and storage solutions. But amid all the launches and debacles, the cryptocurrency arena lost the simplicity that was original targeted for common users (or Average Joes).

We should accept the fact that not everyone is technically-rich. A lot of people around the world haven’t even heard of cryptocurrencies, and are still relying on traditional payment methods. But alongside, we are constantly getting introduced with coins that will hardly interact with the common man.

Charlie Lee, the celebrated creator of Litecoin, recently made clear that their coin is less about introducing ground-breaking features and more about adoption. He always intended to introduce Litecoin as the alternative currency which can be used by normal people. The aim was always holier, but lost to unnecessary limelight of other coins.

Enters Pandacoin, a newly launched cryptocurrency which is literally following Charlie Lee’s words of simplifying the virtual currency sector. The mainstream POS-based coin is particularly aiming the section which is unaware of cryptocurrencies.

Our motto of doing this article is not only about introducing Pandacoin to the masses, but also to acknowledge the fact that other coins today are more on style and less on substance. Speculatively, we haven’t seen any coin (except the early ones) to actually come forward and explain the Bitcoin technology to the masses. Pandacoin however criticizes even Bitcoin for being less-transparent in terms of educating the masses about digital currencies; we don’t quite agree with that for sure. Their developers should thoroughly read Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper.

But leaving all the ills behind, the first look over Pandacoin gives a refreshing feel. Having reading their recent press release on Yahoo Finance, we believe it to be quite innovative in its own way, as it appeals to everyone ranging from a construction worker to computer programmer. Without going further into detail ourselves, we recommend you to click here.

Note: We are not making claims about Pandacoin being reliable. Our intention is to use their platform to extend the name “cryptocurrency” to the masses. Trading this coin is completely your decision, if you do so.

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