MediJean Likely to Produce and Distribute Medical Marijuana across Canada

MediJean Likely to Produce and Distribute Medical Marijuana across Canada

MediJean Likely to Produce and Distribute Medical Marijuana across Canada

The company will hopefully start selling medical marijuana once the approval at the public hearing is made. – MediJean, known for its best practices in producing research-based cannabis products, is likely to be given a license by Health Canada to distribute medical marijuana across Canada. The company had already received a license to grow marijuana for research and development purpose.

According to a recent update on the MediJean’s website, the company’s CEO Jean Chiasson is seen speaking about Richmond’s confidence in them, and how the city has always welcomed innovation and has judged businesses on their merits. “These reasons,” says he, “coupled with the fact that they have always nurtured pharmaceutical-class operations like ours, were the key criteria for us when we made the choice where we would establish our business.”


The cagy yet revealing post by MediJean indicates that their chances to establish a medical marijuana business in Canada are extraordinary, provided further with the Health Canada’s approval. The Richmond council has all-the-way supported the company after being assured of their safety, security and environment features. Impressed with the same, the council has also allowed MediJean to change its zoning application to Licensed Health Canada Pharmaceutical production.

The matter is now pending until the public hearing, which is scheduled to be on March 17th.

If the second and third reading goes well, MediJean will become the third licensed medical marijuana company operating in B.C. The other two are Thuderbird BioMedical and Canna Farms. But MediJean can have a better market cap as the company is known to send marijuana in a secured courier, deviating the community’s attention from the drug. It will likely to appeal the denizens eventually.

“The City of Richmond has gone above and beyond to protect the values of their constituents,” said Anton Mattadeen, chief strategy officer at MediJean. “When we started planning our business following the Hon. Leona Aglukkaq’s announcement in December 2012 that the medical marijuana laws in Canada would be changing, we wanted to place our facility in a prosperous community. We knew this meant we would have to go through a tough process, and it certainly has been tough.”

The company has indeed come a long way and has been chosen as a licensed marijuana supplier over 500 applicants.

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