Medical Marijuana Stocks Undergoing Through a Radical Transformation

Medical Marijuana Stocks Undergoing Through a Radical Transformation

Medical Marijuana Stocks Undergoing Through a Radical Transformation

The future of medical marijuana trading seems to glow with increasing investment figures. Another commodity in cards? – About eighteen-months ago, no one would have wondered a once-prohibited drug to play an important role in moving stock numbers. The ‘Green Rush’ came with medical marijuana which has grabbed the eyes of many investors on Wall Street upon its legalization in Colorado and other 20-other states in the US.

The marijuana-investment may sound a little tacky to most of you, but the numbers reflect an altogether different reality. Within a mere span of over a year, marijuana trading has caused a significant growth in Canada’s S&P/TSX composite index, rising 4.9 percent. Meanwhile, Hemp Inc. has seen a growth of 563 percent, Medical Marijuana Inc. 90 percent, Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc. 420 percent, and Hemp Inc. the massive surge of 560 percent.

Although, medical marijuana has not yet been fully legalized in America and most of these investment come in the form of volatile penny stocks. But the recent developments in the cannabis sector indicates huge potential for this industry in future.


Since the Colorado becoming a pro-marijuana state, market has seen almost one-percent growth in the share prices. It is projected to move further with Washington soon to allow retail sales of medical marijuana, following with more states to join this GREEN RUSH. The legal cannabis market in US alone is expected to expand 65 percent this year and 700 percent in next five years.

“We are witnessing the birth of a high-growth industry that will be driven by technological change, and I am focused on understanding how this will play out and on finding companies that will benefit,” said renowned investment expert Alan Broachstein in an interview to EWI, who thinks that the society is at now its most important phase with marijuana legalization.

It is indeed not the view of just one person, or one nation. There are also other countries that have invested their faith in the cannabis capitalization. They are France, Austria, Switzerland and Israel that have decriminalized marijuana strictly for prescription purposes, upon encountering the change in the people’s social mood for this recreational drug. Canada’s acceptance of the medical marijuana is also scheduled to be effective from April 1st 2014, with no concern towards the April-Fool – pun intended.

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