Medical Marijuana Senate Bill 1531 Reaching House Floor on Friday


Medical Marijuana Senate Bill 1531 Reaching House Floor on Friday

The bill will propose a law under which local governments can ban medical marijuana dispensaries – Local governments are holding their own puffs on the Senate Bill 1531, which is to be read today before the House Judiciary Committee. If passed, the bill will give the rights to local governments to ban medical marijuana dispensaries.

The first reading of the bill was first introduced on Feb 3rd 2014 and was instantly referred to President’s desk. It has by then met with many conflicts at both and House and Senate level. The fate of the bill now holds on the final voting in the House, succeeding which it will be signed into law. If not, the bill might be sent to a committee of senators and representatives. If no conclusion is reached, the bill will simply go into a deadlock state.


The ongoing combat between local government and marijuana industries in Oregon was first stirred upon the intervention of the state’s health authority. The aim of the authority was to bring these businesses under the sight of the government and registering them for further regulation. The law got approved last year, inflicting some procedures on businesses to go through before obtaining the license to grow and sell marijuana.

There are also many communities that have simply pulled back from inflicting such law. The local governments there have simply changed their licensing policies to suit the Federal Laws. The use of drugs however still remains illegal in Oregon under the Federal Law.

Leland Berger, a longtime supporter of medical marijuana and a renowned Portland attorney thinks that the present Senate Bill 1531 is rooted in “prejudice and bigotry.” She used to know a medical marijuana business whose license was cancelled by Medford city officials. Although upon a petition she filed to the city council, her business is still into its life, waiting to be taken again if the bill-on-ban is passed.

However, state’s concern over the matter is to prohibit dispensaries that are prone to “attract kids”. It has until now made sure that these drugs stays away from the range of schools, residential colonies, public parks, etc.

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