Medical Marijuana is Still a Hope for Many US Parents


Medical Marijuana is Still a Hope for Many US Parents

Stories circulated on social media platforms have demonstrated that how US parents believe medical marijuana to be the cure of their children’s life threatening seizures. – When most of the US states are still opposing and proposing the marijuana laws, there is also a section to whom these legislation are the matter of life-and-death. This section is of those US parents whose children are suffering from the life-threatening seizures, incurable by the tried-and-tested, and most importantly, lawful medications.

Their concern with the legalization of medical marijuana lies solely on a hope that is currently being circulated on major social media platforms. Many stories there have revealed the positive impacts of medical marijuana in treating children with seizure problems. But their only obstacle is the state laws that prohibits them to use medical marijuana.


Sally Schaeffer, mother of a six-year old Lydia who is suffering from a rare chromosomal disorder, confessed giving her daughter a cannabis-extracted oil for her life threatening seizures. She belongs to the Wisconsin, where the sale and usage of marijuana is currently legal under state law. The question however is that is she a criminal for trying to eliminate the pain of her child? What kind of a lens the law wears to judge this forgivable felony?

“If it was your child and you didn’t have options, what would you do?” she said on a stage surrounded many parents like herself – all fighting for an exceptional law that could make their love towards their children “legal”. And it is not just the Wisconsin, parents from many other US states are looking in the same direction as Sally – to the lawmakers.

US Parents are the new face medical marijuana movement.

The representatives at the Wisconsin though show some resilience towards these especially categorical section, and has introduced a bill that will allow the parents to use medical marijuana on their children. Meanwhile, other states like Oklahoma, New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama are yet to give their response to such parents.

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