Medical Marijuana: Is it Justifiable to Prevent Patients from Harvesting their Own Licensed Cannabis?


Medical Marijuana Is its Justifiable to Prevent Patients from Harvesting their Own Licensed Cannabis

A recent amendment in Federal Laws prohibits people to grow their own marijuana plants. This article, inspired by a news report presented on Canada’s famous news channel CTV, presents the perception of both sides – the Feds and the patients – on medical marijuana. – Joanna from Canada usually grows cannabis plants right at her home’s backyard. She confessed to have been using them to extract an oil that is beneficial to mend the pain of her severe arthritis. In an interview to CTV News, she gloomily told the channel about how growing marijuana at home “used to” cost her few pennies a day.

Joanna’s depressed reaction is the response to a recent Federal law that commands her to destroy their pot plants. According to her statement to CTV News, she can’t simply afford to spend around $2,800 per month on her marijuana medicines, especially when she is self-efficient enough to grow the same quality plant. Her tearful and fragmented words also speak of the misery she will be facing once the law is imposed on April 1st.

“I know that I can’t afford to put that type of money up to access medical marijuana, but I know I don’t want to live without the oil,” she admitted miserably. “It has made such a difference in the quality of my life.”


Although, Joanna is not the only one that will face this one-sided wrath of the Federal Law. Instead, Canada has many of such licensed patients that have nowhere to go once the prohibition comes into effect. The impact these people are going to face gets further stiff after being compulsively trapped to purchase pot only from government-sanctioned growers.

According to Burnaby BC lawyer John Conroy, over 60% of patients that have prescribed marijuana extracted medicines are on disability, making them unable to make huge sums for buying pot from registered growers. His petition about the same issue is also scheduled to be heard before the court on March 15.

From where the justice stands, the lawmakers have equally competitive points to make regarding the Federal law. Health Canada, a government-vertical responsible for national public health, favors the Federal Law by quoting the fire hazards involved with marijuana plants. The organization also considers it impossible for officials to inspect each and every pot facility to make sure its regulation.

If the law comes into effect on the scheduled time, patients can be forced to go back their previous prescriptions which, as per them, are hardly effective as compared to medical cannabis. However, the 18th March hearing is still keeping the people’s hope alive. Let’s see the direction of wind thereafter.

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