Medical Marijuana: Iowa Votes in the Favor of its Legalization


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A majority of 59% Iowans voted in the favor of legalizing medical marijuana, whilst turning their back on recreational drug – Iowans seem to have a settled view on the medicinal use of marijuana in the state, reflects the recent polls conducted by Selzer & Co. of Des Moined with an error rate of plus or minus 3.7 percentage points.

Over 59% of adult populations have voted in the favor of medical marijuana’s legalization, days after the Iowa legislature has rejected the bill. The laws in the state consider cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance with no medical benefit.

Meanwhile, researches all around the world has acknowledged medical cannabis to have great remedy values in cancer, epilepsy, and various other diseases.


Iowans have voted in the favor of this drug on the same ground, i.e. it should be used only for easing patients’ pain and suffering from medical conditions. But for the recreation use, marijuana has received disappointing response. Only 28% voters have supported the idea of legalizing marijuana for recreational use, while 69% voters have simply ridiculed it, giving a big-no.

D-Iowa City Senator Joe Bolkcom, in mid-February this year, had submitted a plea before the city council, with contents saying to allow patients with rare medical conditions receive marijuana on a licensed doctor’s recommendation. The plea was however failed to get bipartisan support.

“There’s disappointment we were not able to recruit bipartisan support for a very narrow bill to help these families with children suffering from seizures as a result of epilepsy,” Bolkcom said. “We’re not going to be successful creating a program until we have bipartisan support for it. So we have a lot of education work to do ahead here.”

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