Medical Marijuana: Health Canada Orders Destruction of Illegal Crops


Medical Marijuana: Health Canada Orders to Destroy Illegal Crops – Health Canada seems dead serious about a recent amendment it made in ongoing Medical Marijuana Law. The new amendment, which is to be effective from April 1st this year, asks licensed marijuana growers to destroy their crops before the aforementioned date. The growers are further asked to fill out a form before April 30th, saying that they don’t have any access to cannabis.

Any individual who doesn’t comply this law would be subjected to a definite time in jail, warned Health Canada.

The amendment in the Medical Marijuana Access Regulation (MMAR) however was not taken well by the patients and regular marijuana users. They blame the high taxation imposed by the government on cannabis medicines, which is around 120% more than what they used to spend on growing marijuana plants.

One of the patients even said that Health Canada is “going after sick people”.


We earlier reported some sentimental responses from the people, begrudging the amendment that could have the power to stop them from harvesting their marijuana plants. Joanna, a Canadian citizen suffering from arthritis from an extensive period confessed that she can’t afford to put that type of money up to access medical marijuana. “It has made such a difference in the quality of my life,” she admitted.

The government, neglecting all the repercussions on the right section of people using marijuana, believes that marijuana can be prevented from being sent to black markets, from where it is then sold to minors. They also state that growing pot without expert vision can also lead to certain health risks, while also highlighting the chances of growers of being robbed.

While although there are many insiders who believe the law if being unfair to people who have strict medical conditions and cannot simply afford to buy marijuana from government-authorized dispensaries. Mr. John Conroy, who is representing patients in an ongoing argument with the lawmakers, speaks about brings court to a reason, by explaining how patients will suffer irreparable harm if an injunction or exemption, pending trial, isn’t granted.

“We’re not trying to prevent the (MMAR) from being in effect, we’re simply saying it’s constitutionally defective in certain aspects,” Conroy said.

ForexMinute’s personal views are in the favor of an innovative method that could at least provide subsidy to patients using medical marijuana.

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