Max Keiser to Play an Evil Banker in the film ‘Satoshi’s Last Will’

Crowdfunding for ‘Satoshi’s Last Will’ going On
Crowdfunding for  ‘Satoshi’s Last Will’ going On
Crowdfunding for ‘Satoshi’s Last Will’ going On (Image source:Bitfilm)

When the crowdfunding for the world’s first feature-length feature film is on the way through Max Keiser’s, it has come to notice that Max himself will play an “evil banker” in the film. The press release from Bitfilm informs that crowdfunding will star on August 25th and will go on till they have sufficient money to complete the project.

According to the people behind the film “Satoshi’s Last Will” there is a thriller plot full of action and suspense which is expected not just to inform the viewers but also entertain them. Nonetheless, the viewers of this film will playfully learn a lot about Bitcoin and how banking mafias operate to exploit the financial system.

In fact, Bitfilm also claims that the viewers will experience a world in which governments and banks have lost their power, people live together in decentralized, voluntary communities and blockchain technology has changed the way humans interact. The film’s producer Aaron Koenig says that there are several good documentaries about Bitcoin.

However, according to him not many people watch documentaries. Therefore, he says that in order to have a significant impact on mainstream culture, one has to tell a compelling story that fascinates people. The crowdfunding campaign that is being supported by Max Keiser’s new platform also accepts digital currencies as well as fiat money via PayPal.

Max Keiser is perfect for Villain Says Aaron Koenig

Thus, anyone who wants to donate to help Bitfilm complete the project can pay in fiat and cryptocurrencies. The project will be featured in the new episode of Max Keiser’s show “Crowdfactor.” Talking about the role Keiser is going to play, Aaron Koenig says that he is perfect to play a villain.

He informs that the team is still working on the script, so he is sure it will find a good role for him. The first round of crowdfunding of 80,000 US Dollars will be used for finishing the script, for casting and for production design. Though the team things the total estimated budget of the film is 2 million dollars, they will be able to meet it in the crowdfunding effort.

Aaron also admits that they will shoot most of the film in Argentina, where the level of professionalism is high, while prices are relatively low. According to him a cinema film which shows the potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to a mainstream audience can help to improve Bitcoin’s public image.

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