Mastercoin Announces Million Dollars worth of Crowd Sales


Mastercoin Announces Millions Dollar worth Crowd Sales – The Mastercoin Team announced yesterday a range of upcoming crowd-sales that will collaboratively be worth tens of millions of dollars. Posted by DACOINMASTER, probably the founder of Mastercoin, the announcement also tried to lure investors by using some cheesy sales pitch thanks to the definite involvement of Mastercoin protocol during the whole event.

DACOINMASTER has posted a Mastercoin wiki link that has the schedule of a total of nine crowd-sales. As per the list, the first crowd-sale will be launching on June 18th this year, followed with two more in the same month, three in July, and one more in September. There are also three more crowd-sales whose schedule are yet to be declared. All the projects will be issued on Mastercoin Protocol.


With a major team of Bitcoin angel investors backing the projects, Mastercoin has indeed scored gold with this event. DACOINMASTER quoted further, “Our goal is to become the default choice for issuances of this sort, and as more issuers use our system, more issuers will WANT to use our system, because that is where the money and liquidity will be.”

The broadcaster also lures investors by making the token “tradable against Mastercoin on their “meta” distributed exchange“.

The Mastercoin Value Surges after the Announcement
The aforementioned event has indeed rippled through the cryptocurrency market, as Mastercoin value against the US Dollar has surged over 100% in last 24 hours – reaching around $17 from the mere $7 overnight.

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