Maryland State Senate Takes Final Vote on Marijuana Decriminalization Bill, Passes It


Maryland State Senate Takes Final Vote on Marijuana Decriminalization Bill, Passes It – The Maryland state Senate has pushed the long-held marijuana legalization bill that will reduce the 90-day jail sentence for keeping small amounts marijuana to a mere fine of $100. The collected fine will be used in drug treatment programs.

The senate voted 36-8 in the favor of the bill. It will now be read at the House of Delegates for further discussions, where it has been already thrashed once by the committee last year.

Dubbed as Senate Bill 364, the amendment was earlier expected to be voted on Thursday. But the law asks each and every senator to have a copy of the bill before they vote on it. As not all the lawmakers were provided these copies, the bill got delayed for another day, with Monday being the deadline to advance the bill to at least one house.



Other than Maryland, there are also other states that are close enough to legalize medical marijuana. In Tennessee, the bill is currently facing opposition in the Tennessee General Assembly. The state representative Sherry Jones however believes the bill can yet be passed by the end of this year.

In New Hampshire, the State’s House of Representatives has already approved for legalizing marijuana for recreational purpose. The bill however is to be advance to the State Senate, which has a pretty strict record when it comes to objecting the pot legalization.

Other states that are in the line of decriminalizing/legalizing marijuana are West Virginia, Alabama, Georgia, Alabama, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Rhode Island, New York, Alaska, Arizona and Nevada.

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