MarketsGear Binary Options Signals Review

MarketsGear Binary Options Signals Review

MarketsGear is a binary options signal provider, which has the added benefit of being free. The account connects to a binary options broker on their list, and the platform sends signals that you choose to either trade or not. When you receive the signal, you simply log into your account and trade the idea that was sent to you. The signals come in real time, and with that the markets become much easier to navigate as the professional are constantly looking out for trading opportunities.

Company Information

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Main Features:

The platform allows the trader to play the markets with the backing of professional traders, as they are looking for trading opportunities. The platform boasts an approximately 80% win ratio, and as a result, we find this platform to be very useful. The signals are simple to follow, and come quite frequently. The company provides signals for 30 forex pairs, global indices, and precious metals. Because of this, the trader has the ability to take advantage of the global markets and the constantly changing environment.

Customer Support:

The customer support for this signal provider is simple to access, as it is a web-based form on the actual webpage. Because of this, it is quite convenient to contact the provider. The support is offered in English, so this is the one thing you will have to keep in mind.

User Friendly:

All one has to do is simply follow the signals. The win ratio that MarketsGear has makes the trading of these signals quite easy to do, and comfortable to follow. All you do is wait for the signal, and place the trade with the approved broker.

Ultimate Overview:

The MarketsGear platform allows the new trader to take advantage of the global markets and present conditions. The experienced trader will also be well-served, as this allows the trader to have “an extra set of eyes” on the markets, so that they don’t have to watch the markets at all times. Also, it can offer a variance to your trading strategy, as the professional traders at MarketsGear will be looking at the markets in ways you may not have normally thought of. With this, we found the provider to be a welcome addition to our trading tools.