Markets Com Review


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Markets Com Review

[00:11] – Hello and welcome to the’s review of – a forex and CFD broker. As you can see I am on the website, and you do in fact see quite a bit of busy-ness here. There is so much information on the website alone and you will find it very good site to come to for your information, etc.

Now, they do offer Meta Trader 4 – that is the same platform you see everywhere else; very successful and very easy platform to trade as it matches the industry standard. But unlike a forex broker, they offer the ability to trade CFD (Contract for Difference). And, as I click there, you can see indices; there is gold and silver, oil, stocks, commodities, bonds, and of course it then has the trading conditions and expiration dates. Because it is based essentially on the underline future market.

[01:13] – It is interesting to see they have bond, because it is not something you see much of. So as you can see, there is some information on, you know, up to 100:1 leverage, commission free. You have US30, US10, EURO BOND 10 YEAR, and GILT and Japanese JDB Government bonds. Pretty tight spreads, and it does give you the ability to take advantage of the bond market that is something we don’t see much on a retail platform.

Of course you have gold and silver, the indices. You know the usual: leverage 101, etc. NASDAQ, CAC 40; you know the IBEX in Spain, you get the WID20 Poland. It’s a quite a few, even with Bitcoin and MICEX in Moscow; the VIX is trade able which is very interesting as it gives you the ability to trade on volatility. So a lot of options there.

[02:15] – Looking at this broker in general, it is regulated as you would expect by the FSA. Its trading platforms are Meta Trade, the Meta Trader for the multi market terminal which is the most professional mobile trader, which is obviously compatible with mobile phones. You can see that choosy entry and what’s look like that it’s more or less a basic kind of moderate position on the go type of thing. But you will find that there is the ability to trade, you know, with mobility and of course that makes the huge difference as well.

You can open up real or demo accounts obviously. There is Premium, Classic, Standard; it tells you different things you get. One of the value added bonus you get for any live account is morning review daily analysis; you know video tutorials, etc. You also have bonuses, like entry level bonuses. For example: right now you can receive up to $2,000 bonus. Of course that will be going to depend on the size, as it would anywhere else.

[03:30] – has a Quick Trade widget here on the website. It also has social trading. So in other words, you can follow global trading network. And it shows you some of the trades being placed right now at You can see it has a name, the position, the price, where they are from, etc. They do have YouTube videos with their chief economist. You know, in this particular case it is on Bloomberg. So there is one well enough known company from where they get, you know, market analysis posted on Bloomberg which is pretty big deal really.

[04:10] – Education: You got forex, CFD, trading basic, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, [there are] eBooks, webinars, seminars, etc. There are lot of things which a trader can take advantage of through Of course we have research, which is things like signals, daily briefings, auto chart list which is something a lot companies are starting to offer. And with this is a recognized chart patterns.
So for example, there may be an ascending triangle in NZD/USD pair, and it will alert you about that. So obviously that is a nice little bonus too as well. The website is very intuitive. It has got plenty of educational and, quite frankly, knowledge based article; something that can be more directly related to trading technical analysis. Others are going to be more, just the whole fine process, for placing a particular trade.

You can see that video tutorials are easy to get to. You can contact anytime, and a FAQ is always good to look out as well. In this particular case, the frequently asked questions. We will go over the typical, you know, the typical stuff telling where we are located, are we secure, what is the leverage, what is the withdrawal and deposit information. For example, right here we have deposit and withdrawal; you can do wire transfer as usual, as well as credit card, web money, etc.

[05:50] – The minimum opening cost to open an account is 100 DOLLARS, EUROS, or POUNDS. There is no deposit fee and, you know, as far as the withdrawing is concerned there is a form you send in and turns the money back to your banking account. That is coming more or less standard these days due to anti money laundering regulations around the world.

Safety of Funds: Obviously, you know, the usual secure socket layer, the SSL. They transfer and that will be in the case, you know, you have to protect that. They are protected by CySEC and usual banks. And that been the case, it’s a pretty typical European strong broker where you have all the usual financial regulations in place. And in fact, it is the higher visibility broker help as well.

[07:01] – Again plenty of instruments, for example the FX market. As you can see, plenty of pairs here to trade. As you can see there are literally dozens of pairs. Some pretty exotic as well, including things like anywhere from the Czech to the typical ones you would see along with the lines of, you know, dollar, Canadian dollar, yen, you will have the Brazilian Real.

It is a very, very widely traded broker; large spread and instruments to trade. Again, I cannot say about the facts that you can do commodities, bonds, stocks, gold and silver, indices and forex. That is really much everything you can imagine really with the exception of, perhaps, just individual stocks but if you are looking for a broker to take advantage of worldwide trading conditions, will be difficult one to beat.

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