Man Runs Across America for Bitcoin and Homeless Awareness


Man Runs Across America for Bitcoin and Homeless Awareness

A creator of homeless awareness and bitcoin promoter is approaching the finish line after running across America to highlight how the decentralized element of digital currencies can end poverty.

Jackson King has had to overcome fatigue, rain, excessive temperature and wind and only 30 miles stand between him and the finish line. He has been at it for four months and has lost 72 pounds in the long run.

King has endured all that because he plans to promote information on bitcoin and the homeless situation. He operates a homeless outreach group in Pensacola, Fla, which is called Sean’s Outpost. The organization is based on digital currencies. The group has seen him experience firsthand how properties of bitcoin can make it possible for needy people to avail food and other items.

“There’s an epidemic of homelessness in America and most people don’t realize it. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that they don’t realize. Bitcoin allows you to open up to a world stage with a local problem. That’s never been possible before with any other monetary device,” King told CNET.


StatisticsKing has compiled suggest that more than 3.5 million persons in the US will be without shelter in 2014, meaning a homeless ratio of 1 to every 200 Americans. King added that more than 12 million kids in the US experience poverty.

King said he met a man in rural west Texas who kept talking about how bitcoin was a great idea. He says he embarked on the campaign to do something outrageous that would hopefully trigger a conversation like that.

Running across the US has made him see the homeless situation on the ground, King is reported by the Crypto Crimson as having said. He said he has toured several small towns where people already know something about bitcoin and they want to talk about it.

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