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Daily FX Trading Update: BOC Gives Dovish Hints - Dec. 9, 2015

Daily FX Trading Update: BOC Gives Dovish Hints - Dec. 9, 2015

With the recent US rate rise and the price of Oil plummeting over the last year, the stock markets have been more volatile than normal. Market-watchers will have noted that while this volatility may not have been great for everyone, the spread betting aficionados and trading experts out there will have seen this as an opportunity to make a small fortune. But for those of you who haven’t yet noted this opportunity, here is a breakdown of what is happening and what you should be looking at.


With commodities falling and people panicking about where to invest their capital, Bitcoin is likely to continue its’ growth throughout 2016. Having started 2015 at around $180, it is now trading at over $430 meaning that early investors will have seen a 239% increase already!


Having briefly fallen below $30 a barrel this week plunging nearly 70% in the last 18 months alone, the commodity is proving a goldmine for traders betting on the decline. CNN released an article in December predicting that the it had further to fall, as we have seen, and despite OPEC and other major groups forecasting a return to over $50 by the end of 2016, the over-supply in the US, Iran’s return to the market and an unwillingness to cut Global supply means that the downwards spiral isn’t likely to abate any time soon


With China and other markets creating an uncertainty all around the World, Gold has seen a rise over the last few weeks and this looks set to continue. With China, Russia and others devaluing their currencies or lowering their annual expectations, this is one commodity that is proving a popular ‘safe’ zone. Predictions of $1400, a $300 rise over the year, look very possible and spread bettors and market traders alike may be tempted to look closer


With Oil falling, the Dollar has been gaining in strength and this looks a sure bet for the short-term. Several big players have argued about 2016 seeing the Australian Dollar rapidly recovering but this doesn’t sound realistic and may be worth holding back the pips. 2016 has also seen the GBP hit hard against both the Dollar and the Euro, which has been one of the few currencies to hold its’ own against the USD, but take note that as the rate rises in the US market progress over the year, this may see recover and be a great opportunity to make some money.

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