M. Michele Burns of Goldman Sachs to Join New Board of Bitcoin Payment Processor


M. Michele Burns of Goldman Sachs to Join New Board of Bitcoin Payment Processor

Aimed to give maximum publicity to the cause of Bitcoin, the new Bitcoin payment processor Circle Internet Financial invited M. Michele Burns to become a board member which she has accepted. Thus, she has become the latest representative from the world of big finance and investing to show an interest in the virtual currency.

According to some market observers it is good publicity, and the move will prompt other top bankers to come and join the Bitcoin revolution. They also believe that the latest move on the part of M. Michele Burns represents a possible greater acceptance of Bitcoin in the U.S. among the bankers which can give impetus to its cause.

The move is going to give some life to Bitcoin, particularly when other large countries like China and India are attempting to block or caution against its use. M. Michele Burns comes with a lot of experience. Earlier she was on the board at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and currently she is also working as a director at Cisco Systems Inc.

M. Michele Burns never shies from hiding her ideological attachment as she supported Democratic politicians Al Gore and Hillary Clinton

M. Michele Burns is a Veteran in Finance and Banking

The decision to bring M. Michele Burns was not taken overnight but after a lot of deliberations. Her resume tells that she has vast experience in the banking and finance sector for three decades now. She started her stint in the finance industry more than three decades ago in 1981 and later on became Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of insurance brokerage Marsh & McLennan, and Chairman and CEO of consultancy firm Mercer.


Now joining Circle Internet Financial which has become a center of attraction after the most successful ‘Series A investment in a Bitcoin company’ wherein it got $9m. The investments came from some of the most known tech investors such as Jim Breyer, Accel Partners and General Catalyst Partners.

Circle Internet Financial Willing to Expand and Reach New Audiences

Headed by Jeremy Allaire who has tons of experience working as CEO of online video platform Brightcove and Allaire Corporation in the past, Circle Internet Financial is expected to expand further and make better use of Bitcoin. Allaire is a staunch supporter of Bitcoin and fronted the US Senate Committee hearings on Bitcoin in November.
Allaire believes that Bitcoin had to live with the realities of a regulatory environment; however, there are too many regulatory burdens that should be lifted.

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