Looking for a Top Forex Education? Look No Further Than HY Markets!

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Every day we get emails and comments from our users asking us how to go about getting started in the Forex industry. What brokers are the best? Who can we rely on? Where is the best place to get a decent Forex education? These are all very valid questions, and the answer we often give is that a number of our partner brokers not only offer reliable, honest and quality services, but also – some of them – offer educational support to beginner traders.HY

Enter… HY Markets

One such company, and one that we recently strengthened our partnership with, is HY Markets. You can see our overall review of HY Markets here, but let’s take a quick look at what they offer educationally, and how you can get started trading with them today.

Visit the company’s website here, and you will see straightaway that they offer a range of tutorials based around each of the individual products they offer as tradable assets. Spot Forex, CFDs’ in oil and gas, CFDs in metals, soft commodities, indices and equities are all available, and by clicking on an asset group from the education section of the website, you can gain insight into the history of each asset, the exchanges on which they list, and how you can begin trading them with HY Markets.

If you are a beginner trader, you can use the “Trading Basics” section to build up a fundamental knowledge of the markets in which you are looking to trade, and gain insight not only into entering and exiting trades, but also risk management, psychology, strategy and elements of the more practical side of trading such as how to understand account statements.

Through the technical analysis section, can learn how to read price action and how to apply chart notation and indicators to your MT4 in order to use historic price action in order to project the likely direction of the price of the asset you are looking at. Conversely, if you are looking to trade news and data releases, the company has a fundamental analysis section through which you can learn how particular news releases might affect markets, and how you can enter on the volatility these releases cause.

Welcome Bonus

What’s more, sign up HY Markets today and receive an exclusive bonus on your first deposit. You can get up to 40% – depending on your deposit level – as well as a free technical analysis eBook and free access to Trading Central, a customizable plug-in that superimposes technical analysis strategies, forecasts and market commentary on to your charts.

What are you waiting for? Click here to signup today and get your exclusive welcome bonus products!

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