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Specifically designed for gamers, gamblers and active internet users, Sapphire is truly the digital currency of the winners as it makes you win some of the highest prices in the history.

Built on the unique game multi-step rewards program and industry-record return percentage (payout rate), the platform allows players to win quick prizes with every single game sessions apart from the grand jackpot of up to 100 million Sapphire Coins. The winnings are transferred into the players’ Sapphire Coin wallet and can then be freely moved and sold onto the selected digital currency exchanges (DEX).

SPH is the abbreviated form of SapphireCoin ICO token. It is an Ethereum-based ERC20 standard token. The utility token sales is implemented as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and its supply is set to a total of 1Bn (1000 Millions) tokens. The exclusive currency can be used in the unique and gamified skill-based gambling game.

With the launch of SPH ICO token, the company aims to invite early investors and players so it can raise funds to support the development task, project implementation, and for the marketing activities of the gaming platform and the token.

Pre-Sale has ended successfully

The SPH token pre-sale is already closed and the company has reached the minimum targets it had set to achieve. This phase comprised of early investor bonus.

During the Pre-sales phase, the early investors are provided with extra token bonus, which starts from 5 percent to 50 percent in accordance with the purchase price (the EUR value of the token purchase). This bonus may also be provided upon special sales campaigns during Pre-ICO, ICO or Post-ICO phases.

The Early Investor Bonus in Pre-Sales phase, depending upon purchase EUR value, is as following:

Token Purchase EUR value In Minimum €100 €500 €1,000 €5,000 €10,000 €20,000 €50,000
Early Investment Bonus 0% 0% 5% 20% 20% 30% 50%


Pre-ICO ongoing and showing good results

Started on 31 January 2018, ever since Pre-ICO sale has started, there is a crowd of investors swarming toward the sale, and showing great interest to invest in it. The Pre-ICO sale is ongoing and will last for further 2 months, or until it achieves the set target of 200M (two hundred million) of tokens.  Some of the key details of this phase are as following:

  • Pre-ICO phase: 200M tokens
  • 2 percent (20M tokens) reserved for partners and suppliers
  • 18 percent sold to investors & players
  • Hard-cap 200M tokens; no minimum

With the launch of SHP token Pre-ICO phase, the company intends to boost the development of the gaming platform and the token. As per updated information, the company has successfully acquired sufficient funds for the development project. The company had fixed discounted price of 0.20 €/token during the Pre-ICO phase.

Community with more than 5000 users

SapphireCoin has a community of more than 5000 users, which comprised of blockchain technology experts, cryptocoin enthusiasts, technology specialists and cryptocurrency experts, experienced and skilled software developers, designers and more. The community is growing rapidly, and as the company is planning to add more zings to its blockchain-based platform, a large number of crypto lovers are adding to it on daily basis with a curiosity to know more about SapphireCoin and its prospective plans.

Quality and safety guaranteed with external Escrow services

SapphireCoin has established an agreement with a secure payment service company (PayApi Escrow Ltd) to protect both the token investors and the token sales process. The Escrow Company monitors and controls the use of funds. As part of the auditing and supervision, it also keeps a watch on the funds release schedule and expense

In case, the company does not get succeeded in achieving the minimum funding targets, the ICO escrow ensures all existing and prospective investors that their invested funds will be given back to them by the trusted third party organization (the refund is 100 percent of the investment minus payment processing fees of 3 percent).

ICO Certified Level 1 by the PayApi Escrow

Sapphire makes use of a PCI DCC Level 1 certified payment platform provided by its third party partner PayApi Ltd. Sapphire´s wallet platform complies with the same technical requirements as a PCI DSS Level 1 certified payments platform does. The Escrow Company coordinates and monitors the entire token sales, audit the execution as well as implementation of the project, and all financials operations. It also reserves funds until SapphireCoin reaches the pre-defined milestones.

SPH lotteries ongoing on continuous basis; making millionaires even before the game is ready

Apart from the bonus benefits, the gaming platform also allows its all existing and prospective instant investors to win instant prizes and make quick money through its rewarding game. Players who have Sapphire Coins in the wallet can enjoy playing the game using a single click apart from having access to information and game statistics to increase the chances of a win.

Exclusive currency for the new gambling game

If you want your monetary investment to go into the right direction, Sapphire ICO is an ideal investing recourse for you. The much-awaited ICO has got a lot of goodies to offer, and those who have already participated in its Pre-sale are reaping more and more benefits.

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