Look Who Started Accepting Litecoins this Week


Look Who Started Accepting Litecoins this Week

ForexMinute.com – The unquestionably growing acceptance of Litecoin got further proved to merchants, belonging to distinctive fields, announced to include the currency as one of their payment methods.

The first one was CoinsforLaptops.com, an Australian based online laptop store, which has already been in the news for accepting Bitcoin and Dogecoin from a long time. The store provides its customers with a range of laptops and other accessories of various renowned brands, which include the likes of Sony, Apple, Metabox, HP and others.

The other online merchant that took interest in the growing cryptocurrency market is US-based ramp seasoning online store WildWestVirginaRamps.com. The store, likewise CoinsForLaptop.com, started to accept Litecoin for their potent and powerful ramp seasoning. The store also announced to accept Bitcoin, whose popularity is said to be proportional to that of Litecoin.


Also, a new music platform Hecro.com was recently launched that announced to accept cryptocurrencies for its vintage music collectibles. The included coins were none other than Litecoin, Dogecoin and Bitcoin. The store is live now!

Other Businesses also hinting to Accept Litecoins

At one point, it was the CEO of prestigious retail shop Overstock, Mr. Patrick Byrne, requested Coinbase to integrate other cryptocurrencies I its services as well. Overstock, for now, is effectively accepting Bitcoin by integrating though Coinbase and now is directly showing interest towards altcoins – a clan of Bitcoin’s alternative that is currently ruled by Litecoin.

The aforementioned events easily justify the growing acceptance of Litecoin in day-to-day business transactions. We will see you next week with more news on cryptocurrency recognition all around the world.

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