A Look Into Primetrade – A Premiuim Trading Platform



Primetrade is a respected name in commodity and index trading. Recently, it has entered the forex market, releasing a premium forex trading platform. iForex, as you know, has been the industry leader in forex trading since its formation in 1996. www.primetrade.com aims to provide one-on-one trading tuition, technical support, and trading tools (like daily market reports) to all market investors no matter how small or big their investment size might be.

Direct Market Access (DMA) Capabilities

DMA is a way for investors to access an exchange’s order book. Primetrade’s FX DMA capabilities include an API trading interface that displays forex inventory data from multiple contributors. It allows both interbank or institutional markets and retail forex. The system is fast, ensuring precisely updated results on each access. All trades use the effective Straight Through Processing (STP) to ensure that there are no delays in electronic trading.

Great Research Tools and Real-time Market Analysis

Primetrade offers several research tools including unique market indicators about the current market situation and pricing. It uses Advanced Execution Services (AES) to tailor algorithms according to individual needs of investors. Algorithms generate execution plans for trades in order to get best possible returns in all market conditions. There are more than 60 currency pairs to choose from and you can execute on streaming spot, swap, and forward rates. In addition to these, they offer one-on-one tuition for investors.

Unparalleled User Experience

The Primetrade forex trading platform can be downloaded or accessed live from computer or mobile devices. This Platform as a Service (PaaS) business application is cloud-based meaning that most of the data storage and processing is done on a secure non-local server.

You can also trade a variety of futures CFD’s from your system. Traders can configure the system to receive trade notifications by call, text, pop-ups, and emails. If your desktop gets crowded, you can float a currency pair outside the window, change font size, and reorder the currency pairs. Lastly, it upgrades automatically ensuring that you are using the latest platform that the company has to offer.

Customer Support

One of the biggest reasons why traders dole out their cash on premium trading platforms is the customer support. Primetrade provides commendable customer service for when you are stuck. They have a global network of support professionals who can be reached via the phone. The company claims that they have the fastest growing developer community, ensuring impeccable value to the customer.

Primetrade also has a free offering on Cnet and other download platforms. Primetrade’s forex platform, is one of the most credible premium forex trading platforms available today. It has impeccable research support, sound technical support, and serves it all through an easy user interface. Head to www.primetrade.com to check out their offerings.


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