Locali Gets Two Bitcoin ATMs in Hollywood and Venice

Locali Gets Two Bitcoin ATMs in Hollywood and Venice
Locali Gets Two Bitcoin ATMs in Hollywood and Venice

Locali Gets Two Bitcoin ATMs in Hollywood and Venice

Come June 21, the disruptive retail concept Locali Conscious Convenience is going to have one Bitcoin ATM at its two locations e.g. Hollywood and Venice. In a press release the organization claims that with addition of Robocoin branches to its Hollywood and Venice Beach locations, it is going to host the first BTC ATMs in Southern California.

The two Bitcoin ATMs from Robocoin which launched the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in October 2013 in Vancouver BC, are expected to galvanize the process of transactions and help customers to great extent. In the very short time Robocoin has emerged as Bitcoin’s leader in Anti-Money Laundering and Consumer Protection.

The BTC ATM maker says that with a combination of patent pending hardware, software, and reporting tools, it has taken banking industry’s best practices. For instance, it has automated the process and made it even more secure. Security has been a major issue that customers tend to keep mind; Robocoin understood it and modeled its ATMs accordingly.

According to the owner of Robocoin, it is not just a technological breakthrough for Bitcoin, but for personal finance as well. He says that in the past three months, the company has expanded inter-continentally; for instance, it not just unveiled the first Bitcoin ATM in the US, but also demonstrated for Congress and announced the integration of online banking-like features.


With Two Bitcoin ATMs, Locali Facilitating New Revolution

Locali Conscious Convenience, in short Locali is known for its specialty in healthy, cutting edge, vegan and organic inspired menu options. Over the time it has also become an entity known for its disruptive fast-casual dining and convenience store business model that’s made it a hotspot among forward thinking celebrities and foodies.

The two companies i.e. Robocoin and Locali seemed happy about the development. On the occasion Robocoin Chief of Growth Sam Glaser said that his company is thrilled to help bring Bitcoin to the cultural and economic hub of L.A. alongside Locali, the most influential retail/grocer.

According to Sam Glaser the potential here is enormous, particularly with Robocoin’s forthcoming remittance update that will let customers send money overseas instantly to any phone #, email address, or Bitcoin addresses.

A similar statement was issued by CEO of Locali Melissa Rosen who said that Locali is remarkable not only for food, but also for embracing the latest and most innovative retail technologies.

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