Litecoin Users Raise Funds for the Jobless in Madagascar


Litecoin Users Raise Funds for the Jobless in Madagascar

In a step which we can say is directly inspired from the Dogecoin users’ recent humanitarian work, Litecoin users have also joined the list by funding to raise jobs in Madagascar. The fundraisers came together to support a charity plan held by Eden Projects, a nonprofit organization in Glendora, California.

With over $10,000 already raised, around 100 jobs to plant trees have been created. The joint effort by both the Litecoin users and Eden Projects is likely to create even more jobs; meanwhile, will also reforest the whole area with uncountable trees.

The quest here is to grow impossible number of mangrove trees in Madagascar. These trees are proved to a greater defense in the events of storms and tsunamis. They also protect coastal areas for erosion. It is due to the mangrove’s massive root systems.

As sources suggests, over 450 Litecoins (around $10,000) was raised within a mere span of two days. The step has been called another milestone in the use of digital currencies for better cause – catching eyeballs from the very countries that had once rejected them. Litecoin users, although, are looking forward to directly help the less fortunate people in Africa and other countries by raising more donations in the future.


The Litecoin’s founder Mr. Charlie Lee further commented, “I feel slightly responsible for all the carbon emission that I’m indirectly responsible for… I love the fact that this will create jobs and trees in Africa, as I was born and grew up in the Ivory Coast.”

Is It the Dogecoin Effect?

It may be a coincidence the Litecoin being used to raise funds for a cause came right after ForexMinute’s editorial on Dogecoin community gathering and raising more than $30,000 for helping Jamaican bobsled team to participate in the Winter Olympic to be held in Sochi next year.

Our article also criticized both the gold and silver digital currencies to have lost the vision of their sole developer Satoshi Nakamoto for creating a better, uncorrupted version of a currency. We extensively discussed the possibility of Dogecoin replacing Litecoins the in near future. It might be the Dogecoin effect after all.

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