Litecoin Trading Website under DDoS Attack


Litecoin Trading Website under DDoS – Renowned Litecoin trading platform yesterday reported its website to have been tampered by a DDoS attack. Following the alleged attempt, the platform’s website went offline for a few days, leaving its customers worried enough to expect another Mt. Gox.

There was one customer who complained about getting a timeout error whenever he tried to send a message. One other user also spoke of an error that said “Website is offline. No cached version of this page is available.” All these complaints were shared inside an official Litecoin forum.

A notification lately came from the Litecoin Local team in response to the customers’ queries, confirming that it is definitely a DDoS attack that has infected the website. The team also said that they have successfully resolved most of the issues regarding the problem. “We have been under DDoS for several days in a row,” said the team in its post to traders, “but have finally manage to sort out most of the problems caused. If the site is down, never panic. A DDoS will only be able to take the site down for a few hours.”


DDoS although is considered to be one of the biggest threats for cryptocurrency community. Many cryptocurrency exchanges have previously been instilled with this bug that eventually caused million-dollar worth of losses.

In case of, the DDoS attack has although not spread to such disastrous consequences but once again has reminded businesses of their security loopholes. Although one must also praise Litecoin Local’ team to effectively handle their customers’ accounts from such bugs, preventing a potential loss of thousands of dollars.

The website has also recommended its customers to once again go through a Google Verification process, in order to ensure the proper safety of their accounts in case their log-in details are stolen during the DDoS attack. “A fake site of Litecoinlocal that steals your username/password if you try to login has been setup on domain name,” the team further informed the customers. “Litecoinlocal only uses domain name .org”

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