Litecoin Price Update: LTC/USD Pair Hits $20 Mark


Litecoin Price Update: The LTC/USD Pair Touches the $20 Mark – With Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Huobi scheduled to start Litecoin trading in its platform, investors are showing much confidence in the currency. Litecoin’s prices today also touched the $20 mark on several cryptocurrency exchanges. It is Litecoin’s three-months best since the Mt. Gox collapse initiated a setback for almost every digital currency.

The LTC/USD rate yesterday closed at 19.7000 at 0000 hours GMT. The first time it touched the 20-dollar mark was around 0400 hours GMT and kept fluctuating up and down until reaching the closing value 20.50200 between 0500 and 0600 hours GMT. The pair, as of this time of writing, is trading at 18.52721 with a total of 7,093.87 LTC in volume. [Note: This reports represent the average of BTC-e and Bitfinex exchanges]


Erstwhile, Huobi had added a Moon Landing Countdown Clock to its platform, indicating the remaining time left for the launch of its Litecoin trading services.

Litecoiners are happy!

Litecoin community is quite overwhelmed with the currency coming back to its feet gradually, especially in times when there is a frenzy among investors and governments regarding the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The community is also feeling wonderful about Litecoin taking its “silver to Bitcoin” tag seriously and emerging as the foremost Bitcoin alternative in the market.

The only competitors that can now challenge Litecoin for the next-best seat are Dogecoin and Auroracoin. While the former has recently showed a heart rendering humanitarian act by helping Kenya people in their need for clean drinking water, the latter is still waiting for its Airdrop over Icelandic denizens with a hope to stabilize Iceland’s failing economy.

The Litecoin momentum, if stayed steady, will also help the lower hierarchy in getting better investments. Let’s hope for the best.

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