Litecoin Miners won’t be impressed with AMD Radeon R9 280


Why Litecoin Miners won’t be impressed with AMD Radeon R9 280

The recently launched AMD Radeon R9 sometimes seems to be an embarrassing replica of Radeon HD 7950. Litecoin Miners won’t be impressed at all! – With just a mere $20 cheaper than the R9 280X, the AMD Radeon R9 280 seems like a costlier version in terms of performance. Instead, the graphic card is incomparable to the very series it belongs to. The major similarities it shares however is with the 2012 launched Radeon HD 7950 first generation, which are neither more nor less than. The price, though, at which AMD Radeon R9 is available is very attractive, probably the only reason a Litecoin Miner will at least consider to buy it.

Reasons are many. While scoring in terms of affordability, R9 280 stands nowhere near its mentor R9 280X. Its specifications seems like a repackaging of an old AMD Radeon HD 7950 graphic card, with slight unnoticeable differences. They are listed below:

GPU AMD Radeon R9 280
CPU Frequency (Mhz) 933
Video Memory 3 GB
Basic video memory frequency (MHz) 2500
Memory Type GDDR5
Width of the memory bus 384 bits
Interface PCI-E 3.0
Multicard technology CrossFire
Cooling system Active + heatpipe
Monopolized berries 2
DirectX 11.2

While the settings seem alright for the gamers, it would not entirely suit the cryptocurrency miners – a section whose extensively increasing demands of high-end graphic cards made AMD raise their prices. But at even the affordable price of $279, it would still strike as a heavy deal for miners.


Also, there is nothing new in its cooling system, a feature which is always highly sought by miners. The chip used in it is same as the one found in the fan of 280X, but still the overall maximum consumption of the card is 250 Watts, against the 207 Watts of 280X.
AMD graphic cards are indeed famous for being flawlessly compatible with Scrypt mining, but we somehow suggest you to rather go with the NVidia GeForce GTX 750 series. The graphic cards there are much cheaper – between $139 and $149 –and still are more efficient in terms of both gaming and Litecoin Mining.

Verdict: This one is not for Litecoin Miners.

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