Litecoin Hopes to Get Listed on Bloomberg Terminals


Litecoin Hoping to Get Listed on Bloomberg Terminals – After the successful integration of Bitcoin into Bloomberg, Litecoin creator Charlie Lee urged its community to come together and vote for their coin to be integrated on the world’s most popular business news network.

While it has been over a month, the Litecoin community is still tracing people inside their domain who have access to the Bloomberg terminals. For those of you who do not know about the Bloomberg policy about adding support, the website always add development tools regarding a particular stock, trade, and even currency if, and only if, a considerable portion of customers request them to do so.

While it has been said that the people from the Bitcoin community, who were already the members at Bloomberg, requested the news website to integrate Bitcoin trading tools, the Litecoin community also thinks that their coin can share a similar fortune.


Charles Lee, in its appeal that was issued in early May, also indicated that collaborative community support can take their coin to Bloomberg. He quoted one of his friends inside the Bloomberg staff who revealed that their company is interested in listing Litecoin features, only when their customers request so. Charles Lee was said to have worked with Bloomberg on their Coinbase BTC integration, which proved that his announcement is not a hype but might contain some solid grounds.

By then, Litecoin community has been consistently looking for their users inside the Bloomberg customer sphere. Although, not everyone has the access to the website’s professional terminals. It has been revealed that only businesses related to finance, consulting, real estate etc. have access to aforementioned terminals. One of the members of Litecoin Association, named TheRealMage on Reddit, however, is hoping to find a way following which the community can send their requests to Bloomberg without requiring BPT as their gateway.

We are still unsure about the outcomes of this particular venture. But we well keep you updated as soon as we receive fresh advancements of this next-best cryptocurrency.

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