Litecoin and Dogecoin Merge Once Again, But for Charity


Litecoin and Dogecoin Merge Once Again, But for Charity – Litecoin Association Director, popularly known as TheRealMage, today informed the community about a new charitable event they will host with their mining-cousin Dogecoin. It is the first time when two rivaling cryptocurrency communities are joining together for a humanitarian cause.

Initiated by the super-wonderful Dogecoin community, this campaign was earlier known as ‘doge4christmas’. But upon the collaboration with Litecoin, it is renamed to ‘Liteshibes4Christmas’. This new merge is hopeful to target a broader section of people within both Dogecoin and Litecoin communities.

The motive behind launching the campaign is very simple, yet touching. Few months ago, Dogecoin initiated a campaign, known ‘Bahay Kuto’. to fund educational costs for orphans in the Philippines. The outcome of that event was beautifully constructed in the words of ‘cathyketh’. She thanked the Dogecoin community for turning that entire event successful and said:

“Thank you for the opportunity we will never forget this journey, we will treasure this for the rest of our lives; Thank you for the trust that you gave us; Thank you for the support that you provide us; Thank you for everything! WE LOVE YOU HERE!”

She further posted few pictures of the children in this high upvoted Reddit post.

This time, she approached the Dogecoin community once again to present these kids with the best Christmas of their lives, a request that was once again received with bear hug from the Shibes. Its sweetness rippled further to the Litecoin community, which voluntarily became a part of this event to give these children the Christmas they will never forget. TheRealMage further posted some approximate values to better explain the financial target of Liteshibes4Christmas. You can read it as follows:

$500: 50 Children $10 gift each
$750: 50 Children $15 gift each
$1,000: 100 Children $10 gift each
$1,250: 100 Children $12.5 gift each
$1,500: 100 Children $15 gift each
$2,000: 100 Children $20 gift each

The funding round is closing during the first week of December. Members can also contribute by buying a special T-shirt from CryptoShirts. The company will donate $5 from each T-Short sale to help the cause. Use ITSCHRISTMAS at checkout for receiving free shipping.

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