Lionsgate Films Moving Ahead Towards Accepting Bitcoin for Their Online Stores


Lionsgate Films Moving Ahead Towards Accepting Bitcoin for Their Online Stores

This can give huge boost to Bitcoin as the latest development is that the Canadian-American film production studio Lionsgate Films is going to embrace the digital currency soon. For the purpose, it is working to integrate Bitcoin as a payment option on the online stores. It is partnering the digital currency payments processor GoCoin for the job.

Talking about the partnership GoCoin’s CEO and co-founder Steve Beauregard said that he was happy about the latest decision by Lionsgate, a leading global entertainment company with a strong and diversified presence in motion picture production and distribution, television programming and syndication, home entertainment, family entertainment, etc.

Lionsgate is also into businesses like digital distribution, new channel platforms and international distribution and sales, etc. It has received huge success from The Hunger Games and Twilight young adult franchises, emerging young adult brands like Divergent and Ender’s Game and a string of recent box office successes including Now You See Me.

Thus, this Hollywood studio is working towards allowing Bitcoin enthusiasts to watch movies through digital currency payments. Talking at the occasion Lionsgate Senior Vice President Peter Wilkes said that the company continues to explore innovative new technologies for connecting with next generation consumers. He admitted the company is intrigued by the possibilities offered by Bitcoins in media space.

Nonetheless, this development can have huge impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem as it can encourage other Hollywood studios to embrace Bitcoin. The GoCoin’s CEO gave his insight regarding the potential impact of the partnership on the Bitcoin ecosystem and admitted that it’s just going to be another great place where people go, purchase content.

Safe and Secure As Well As Low Cost Transactions

He informed that it is the first major film studio, being in Los Angeles, obviously, that is an advantage for GoCoin. However, he admitted that the company is going after the big studios to help onboard them and make more places where people can spend their Bitcoin. GoCoin, the digital currency payments processor facilitates transactions in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Tether.

As GoCoin nullifies the high volatility risk in cryptocurrencies, eliminates cost frauds associated with credit cards, and there are no chargebacks, it is emerging as a leading choice among the customers who are for safe and secure transactions. Also, as the company charges only 1% in transaction fee, which when compared with other solutions providers like PayPal, looks pretty cool for customers.

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