LibertyX to Sell Bitcoin from 2,500 locations across 33 US states


LibertyX to Sell Bitcoin from 2,500 locations across 33 US states

Liberty Teller which is now known as LibertyX has announced that it is providing exclusive services to Bitcoin users wherein they can now buy Bitcoin from more than 2,500 locations across 33 US states. The press release from the organization has pleased a lot of Bitcoiners in the country who were not able to buy the digital currency with ease.

In the announcement LibertyX says, “Effective immediately, consumers will be able to purchase Bitcoin at the cashier at conveniently located neighborhood stores around the country. To find the location nearest you, please visit Many are calling these locations “LTMs,” or “LibertyX Teller Machines.”

Chris Yim, LibertyX Co-founder and MIT alumnus gave a lengthy explanation to the media professionals and added that after the installations at MIT and Harvard, they were inundated with requests to place LibertyX Bitcoin ATMs across the country. The organization gave a lot of thought to the plan before the decision.

He says, “We spent the last several months building a highly scalable Bitcoin purchasing solution to address these previously underserved markets.” He showed his excitement about the decision and said, “We are excited to launch this new retail store channel that removes access as a major remaining barrier of Bitcoin adoption.”

According to him, “Consumers can expect the same simple-to-use and customer service-focused experience from LibertyX. They will be able to purchase Bitcoin instantly, in-person, and without a bank, instead of waiting for up to a week online where they are subject to volatility in the interim.”

There is Huge Demand for Bitcoin Kiosks in the US

Nonetheless, LibertyX has built credibility for implementing ATMs in high-profile commuter hubs, like Harvard Square and South Station and for these achievements it has even carved a niche among a lot of users. Importantly enough, they didn’t even forge merchant partnerships and relied on more guerrilla tactics to build buzz around Bitcoin.

In his statement to media Chris Yim said there would be 60 locations in Massachusetts and nine in Boston where consumers could purchase Bitcoin. Nonetheless, as LibertyX is now calling itself a financial services company Yim says the startup partnered with a national network of stores and leveraging their existing footprint as well.

He concluded that cashiers as virtual ATMs make for a much more capital efficient model; therefore, he does not need to deploy additional hardware.

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