LEOcoin Launches New Products as Its Market Cap Rises by 10 Times


LEOcoin, the open source cryptocurrency created keeping the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses in mind has been gaining a lot of traction lately. An initiative of LEOcoin Foundation, the digital currency’s increasing popularity is being reflected in the rise of its value.


LEOcoin Info Mobile App


October has been an eventful month for LEOcoin, starting with the launch of its LEOcoin Info mobile application. The LEOcoin Info application is available for both Android and iOS-powered mobile devices. It is a comprehensive cryptocurrency educational and news resource with all important details about LEOcoin. The developers’ understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem has played a significant role in the way the mobile application is designed.


Apart from offering basic information, price and real-time trends for LEOcoin, the application features the list of markets in which the digital currency can be traded. The app also lists other major cryptocurrencies, their price trends, and market capitalization to allow LEOcoin holders to make profitable trades between LEOcoin and other digital currencies.


LEOcoin in China


While the LEOcoin application is just a tip of the iceberg, the actual traction is being influenced by the relentless promotional and educational activities undertaken by the top management of LEOcoin Foundation. The prominent members of LEOcoin including Danny Alexander are constantly working with entrepreneurs, diplomats, bureaucrats, government officials, businessmen and the huge 200,000 strong LEOcoin community. In one such recent interaction, the LEOcoin team was in China attending a financial summit. The Chinese event saw Danny Alexander share the stage with Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s top executive to discuss potential strategic partnerships with one of the top economic institutions in the region.


LEOcoin is expecting to work closely with many prominent institutions including the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in the near future. The event also had developers, cryptocurrency experts, and other LEOcoin community members in attendance.


LEOcoin’s Technology Shift


The digital currency has been slowing gaining a strong foothold in the cryptocurrency sector. Few changes made to the technology earlier this year has been a contributing factor as well. The digital currency shifted from Proof of Work consensus algorithm to Proof of Stake algorithm to reduce the barrier of entry for users. With the PoS algorithm in place, users are saved from going through the whole process of understanding the technology behind LEOcoin, mining hardware, its operations and more. In order to contribute to the network, the users now just have to keep their LEOcoin wallet open with some balance in it to stake the network.


LEOcoin recently witnessed its value go up by ten times this year. Earlier trading at $0.067 per token, its value now stands at $0.60. With its increasing value, the total market capitalization of LEOcoin now puts it in the 6th position.


Rewards and Trading


LEOcoin also offers an attractive bonus to its community members. The approximate annual proof of stake percentage rewards on the platform are as follows;


LEOcoin Balance Approximate Annual Percentage
0 – 999.9999 0%
1000 – 4,999.9999 10%
5000 – 49999.9999 15%
50000+ 20%



LEOcoin holders can now trade the digital currency on Cryptopia, Leobit, LEOxChange, C-CEX, Livecoin and other exchanges. Soon, there will be more options as LEOcoin continues to add more exchanges.


The increasing popularity of LEOcoin makes it an attractive investment opportunity at the moment. Those who join the LEOcoin community stand to earn a lot in the near future as the digital currency’s value continues to appreciate.

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