“Legalizing Marijuana is Not Going to Solve Your Revenue Problems”, Hickenlooper tells Other US Governors

“Legalizing Marijuana is Not Going to Solve Your Revenue Problems”, Hickenlooper tells Other US Governors

“Legalizing Marijuana is Not Going to Solve Your Revenue Problems”, Hickenlooper tells Other US Governors

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper responded to six-US governors, wanting to know whether legalizing legalized marijuana has a good revenue potential, with a simple ‘no’.

ForexMinute.com – In our recent news report on Colorado expected to generate more than $134 million in revenue upon legalizing marijuana, we mentioned the State Governor John Hickenlooper also spending over $99 million for ensuring the cannabis’s legal use.

But it seems like the news of Colorado making an extensive revenue by legalizing medical marijuana has become an example for other states to generate more funds, indicated recently by the Colorado’s governor.

According to him, a total of six US governors approached him to figure out the state’s marijuana experience, while keeping their excitements reserved for the state’s high revenue after taxing pot. “They wanted to know about the potential to collect money and avoid the costs of enforcements and incarceration,” he said.


But the governor, who himself was opposed to the idea of legalizing pot, replied the US governors with a simple ‘no’ without exaggerating the matter further. He simply said that he is not simply counting on the revenues generated by marijuana sales, nor should they. “Legalizing Marijuana is not going to solve you revenue problems,” the democrat further stated.

He didn’t mentioned the names of the governors who approached him though.
In a poll done by Gallup in July 2013, a large portion of US population – over 38% – admitted to have tried Marijuana once or more in their lives. The criminalization of marijuana had then held many non-violent people and landed them to jail. Legalizing it was a populist demand that had made Colorado a pro-marijuana state 18 months earlier, which was then opposed by John Hickenlooper himself.

While the 62-year Governor is still unresponsive of its views over medical marijuana, especially when it has generated Colorado a huge revenue, his irritation towards other governors is clearly reflected. Rhode Island’s governor Lincoln Chafee was among one such politicians who admired the numbers generated by Colorado’s taxation on pot and raised a possibility to “regulate it and tax it in these tough times.”

Upon asking other US governors on their take on medical marijuana, Kentucky and Connecticut indicated no possibility of decriminalizing it in near future. A moderate answer through came from Noth Dakota Governor who gave a diplomatic “you never know” to media.

Meanwhile, Washington is almost ready to start off selling marijuana later this year, and Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley had already introduced bills on legalizing them. As per now, over 20 states, including Connecticut and California, have removed penalties over marijuana’s possession.

Through, Federal Law still considers possession and sale of marijuana illegal.

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