Law firm Anderson, Desimone & Green to Accept Bitcoin Payment, First in Southwest Virginia


Law firm Anderson, Desimone & Green to Accept Bitcoin Payment, First in Southwest Virginia

Though this is not that a law firm is accepting Bitcoin for the first time, this definitely is the first law firm in Southwest Virginia. After, law firm Anderson, Desimone & Green, which has offices in Roanoke, Blacksburg and Moneta, announced that it now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment from clients, it became the first to do so in the region.

The last year was terrific for the digital currency that showed large to small companies accepting Bitcoin; however, this does not seem to have stopped this year. The acceptance of Bitcoin continues to increase and the decision by Law firm Anderson, Desimone & Green to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment from clients is an addition to the list.

Talking to media professionals Chris Desimone, president of the area law firm said that the organization has full faith that virtual currencies will eventually become a mainstay in the marketplace. He admitted that though Bitcoin still relatively is a new currency, it has given buyers and merchants increased flexibility with transactions.

Elaborating the stand taken by the law firm, Desimone says, “I know the world is not caught up to digital currency yet, but I do believe it’s the direction it’s going.” He further added, “We’re not expecting a big boost in business or anything, but I do believe underlying block chain technology is the way of the future.”

Interesting, the law firm with roughly 3,000 clients has though decided to accept Bitcoin from clients; none of these customers have opted to pay in Bitcoin. However, Desimone says that the firm wanted to put the option out there as according to him the move could also result in an overall cheaper cost of doing business for the firm.

Bitcoin Payment will catch with the Time Says the Law Firm

Desimone believes that with Bitcoin clients would be able to reduce the fees associated with certain forms of payments. According to him it is just a matter of accessibility and being innovative. Nonetheless, for Bitcoin payment, the clients must either get them from some exchanges or mine them at home.

Alternatively, the users can buy Bitcoin directly from other people through a variety of means that include cash, credit and debit cards and wire transfers. Thus, it’s not so easy for any user to have access to Bitcoin. Even if he has access, he also needs to have a Bitcoin wallet to store Bitcoin which again can be risky if there are no security checks.

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