Latin America Bitcoin Conference Just One Month Away

Latin America Bitcoin Conference Just One Month Away
Latin America Bitcoin Conference Just One Month Away

Latin America Bitcoin Conference Just One Month Away

Buenos Aires, Argentina will be holding the Latin America Bitcoin Conference on December 7-8, 2013. The two-day event is scheduled at the Meliá Buenos Aires hotel, located in the modern Catalinas area. The strategic location of the venue provides an attractive opportunity for business and leisure travelers.


Though their early bird offer is over now as it was valid till 4th November, they are still accepting registration from local attendees for 800 AR$ or the Bitcoin equivalent, and 180 USD or Bitcoin equivalent from international attendees. The organizers also have ‘Sleepy Price Until On-Site Registration’ package wherein international attendees need to pay 200 USD or the Bitcoin equivalent; however, it is 950 AR$ or the Bitcoin equivalent for local attendees.

Participants can also opt for options features wherein they can get Friday´s Night City Tour “Beautiful Buenos Aires” paying just 50 USD, 37 € or the Bitcoin equivalent. Regarding payment options, the organizers inform that participants can pay using international credit cards. However, those who are registering online need to pay in Bitcoins or cash; all Bitcoin payments are handled by

Speakers and Topics

A range of topics will be covered in the two-day conference wherein the speakers will be discussing Bitcoin neutrality, Bitcoin as money, Bitcoin as an investment opportunity, etc. When Bitcoin is the most talked about currency, Latin America cannot be isolated; this too will be the part of the discussion.

The schedule includes a discussion on Latin America Land of Opportunities, Regulatory & Compliance, Business & Merchant Adoption, Bitcoin´s Positive Social Impact, Content Monetization, Startup and Entrepreneurs, Angels and VC Investors, Local Chapters “Why, What, How,” Bitcoin Roadmap, Bitcoin is the Future, Obtaining and Safely Storing Bitcoins Trading.


Leading Speakers at the Conference

Apart from Charlie Shrem, some other speakers who have been lined up for the conference include Jeff Garzik, Erik Voorhees, Roger Ver, Andreas Antonopoulos, Tuur Demeester, Tony Gallippi, Marco Santori, Elizabeth Ploshay, Alan Safahi, Aaron Koenig, Wences Casares, Juan Llanos, Connie Gallippi, Constance Choi, and Megan Burton.
Organizers Invite Sponsors

Though some of the sponsorships have been filled now, there are still some chances to become a part of this unique opportunity for promoting business among the local and international community by supporting this event with sponsorship for business organizations. It will not only provide an exposure to business but help the organizers hold the conference with awesomeness.

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