A Larimer County Judge Overturns Fort Collins City’s Fracking Ban


A Larimer County Judge Overturns Fort Collins City’s Fracking BanA judge in Colorado’s Larimer County on Thursday overturned a five-year fracking moratorium imposed by Fort Collins city. The Colorado Oil and Gas Association had filed a lawsuit against the city last December after voters approved the moratorium that November. This made Fort Collins one out of the five cities in Colorado’s Front Range to restrict hydraulic fracturing.

Now, almost all these cities are currently battling lawsuits in courts over the restrictions. Fort Collins has become the second city to lose the case to retain the moratorium after Longmont city saw its ban reversed by a Boulder County District Court on July 24, reported the Coloradoan.

The moratorium enacted by Fort Collins would have prevented fracking from being done on new wells within the city limits for 5 years as the city studied on the potential health effects of fracking. So far, the city is yet to decide how the study will be done, and is also yet to say whether it plans to file an appeal against the court’s decision.


Meanwhile, the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission will vote on Thursday to approve Gov. John Hickenlooper’s plea to drop a lawsuit against the city of Longmont, which had voted in 2012 to prohibit fracking within city limits. The move is part of an agreement Hickenlooper crafted in order to convince anti-fracking activists to abandon two ballot proposals that would have impacted the energy industry.

The lawsuit was the first time that Colorado had directly sued a community for banning fracking. Currently, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association is engaged in a lawsuit against Longmont for prohibiting hydraulic fracturing. To register for a free 2-week subscription to ForexMinute Premium Plan, visit www.forexminute.com/newsletter.

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