Lamassu All Set to Launch a Bitcoin Machine Next Month

Lamassu All Set to Launch a Bitcoin Machine Next Month
Lamassu All Set to Launch a Bitcoin Machine Next Month

Lamassu All Set to Launch a Bitcoin Machine Next Month

A release from Lamassu, makers of the Bitcoin Machine, the world’s first Bitcoin ATM, claims that the company will be rolling in the machine in the month of September this year. A spokesperson for the organization revealed that it is nearing production and has opened the website ( for pre-orders.

The organization claims that soon after the announcement, it started getting pre-orders from the customers interested in it; the company accepts payment in Bitcoin. The CEO of the company, Zach Harvey expects that the preliminary run of 15 units to ship in September; however, he admits that it may take longer to finish the remainder of the pre-orders as he feels it can be done only by the end of the year.

He adds that his company understands the urgency to get its machines out there; however, obtaining Bitcoin is just as hard now as it was when his company set out to develop the Bitcoin Machine, and this is a solution it feels a lot of people have been waiting for. With the Bitcoin Machine, customers can scan their Bitcoin QR code, insert cash, and have their own Bitcoins.

Several Features in the Bitcoin Machine

With the Bitcoin machine, customers can get Bitcoin and exchange Fiat to Bitcoin in fifteen seconds. It will help customers get currency from over 200 countries; it accepts notes from over 200 countries. It is compatible with leading exchanges like Mt.Gox and Bitstamp. It is audited by network security experts and coded and audited by network security experts.


The intuitive and simple, Bitcoin Machine has simple user interface and can be securely bolted to wall, stand, or countertop. Additionally, it has web-based back end and sub-second QR code scanning. Also, there is no need for license as it is license-free and available in compact desktop size i.e. (35.6cm W x 48.1cm H x 26.9cm D).

Preliminary Production Getting Attention from Customers

Bitcoin machine that costs $5,000 has already been funded with orders paid in Bitcoin. According to its CEO, Mr. Harvey this will lower the barrier to entry to get into using Bitcoins, and that customers have never bought Bitcoins, this is the fastest, easiest way to do it. He admits that the excitement revolving around our machine stems from a few of its basic advantages over other methods of obtaining Bitcoin.

He adds that some advantages over other methods include ease of use, zero registration, walk-in conversion and no minimum deposit, etc.

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