laBITconf, a Bitcoin Conference to Be Held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 6-7 December


laBITconf, a Bitcoin Conference to Be Held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 6-7 December

Bitcoin in Latin America is not new; however, not many conferences take place in the continent to promote the digital currency and make it popular. However, laBITconf, organized by Bitcoin Argentina which was the very first Latin American Bitcoin conference, is an event that is going to transform the way Bitcoin is being perceived in the continent.

The organizers say that the last year’s event was a huge success. It took place in Buenos Aires, and garnered rave reviews from its 30+ top-tier speakers and 400+ attendees. Now, according to the organizers of the event together with Fundação Bitcoin Brasil, they are committed to outdoing 2013 and making laBITconf RIO the most memorable Bitcoin event of 2014.

According to the organizers all presentations will be held in English and translated in real time to Portuguese so that participants don’t have issues in comprehending the issues discussed. They claim that the event is going to provide an immersive experience for both international and local audience members.

To be held this December 6th & 7th, laBITconf RIO 2014 will not only be the first world-class Bitcoin Conference to be hosted in Brazil, but also the most important conference of the year in Latin America. The experts roped in to speak at the event are going to help the participants gain knowledge about the digital currency and how it can transform the way money is perceived.

Latin America Is the Perfect Environment for Bitcoin

Latin American countries have huge scope for Bitcoin payment, particularly, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, etc. The organizers believe that the continent has the perfect environment for Bitcoin to thrive as its people are intimately familiar with inflation, hyperinflation, devaluation, government confiscation, abusive taxes, interest rates, excessive fees, and capital controls.

Nonetheless, some of the Latin American countries are heavily underbanked as well and then there is huge market for remittance thanks to Diaspora living in the US. Interestingly, the continent has exceptional Smartphone penetration and technical expertise that can make Bitcoin the most plausible option for people to transfer money from the US.

Rio is considered one of the “best cities of the world to visit” and in the 5th most populous country in the world. The city has over 60,000 Bitcoin adopters which makes the conference a unique opportunity to meet the whole regional Bitcoin ecosystem face to face in one place and promote your business.

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