Knowing When to Buy into the Leading Global Stocks

Gold Prices, Expected to Move Down Further as USD Rises More
Gold Prices, Expected to Move Down Further as USD Rises More

There has been a global stock market rally in the past 2 days of trading. This is good news for ambitious traders who want to profit from the latest market fluctuations. This comes after there was a good amount of bearishness during the previous week of trading. It is good to see that investors have a lot of confidence at the moment. It is important that you know when to buy into the leading global stocks.

The strength we have seen for U.S. and global stocks was ignited with the housing data coming out much better than was expected. In fact, U.S. housing prices rose by the most in 7 years.

Central banks in the U.S., Japan and Europe have maintained high levels of stimulus. This has led to a surge in stocks in each region.

The Dow Jones closed higher by a whopping 0.7%. The S&P 500 Index surged 0.6%. The FTSE 100 advanced 1.6%. The DAX jumped 1.4%. There were also impressive gains for a number of other leading indexes during yesterday’s session.

The good news is that there were some very important gains when it came to Citigroup and other important U.S. and global equities. The global equities rally was apparent in the U.S. yesterday and Asia this morning. Traders just have so much confidence at the moment.

It is quite difficult to always buy into the leading global stocks at the right time. However, what is apparent as of now is that there is a lot of risk appetite in the markets. Therefore, if you know your stock such as Apple well, then it may be the time to go bullish.