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Now Spend Altcoins Where Bitcoin Is Accepted

In recent times, Bitcoin users, are spoilt for choice as wave upon wave of bitcoin services, wallets and more are introduced. Heading the list of interesting bitcoin wallets is  Pheeva Bitcoin Wallet. The duo behind this wallet are long time technologists, Lamar Wilson and Lafe Taylor, with a penchant for the iOS platform. Therefore, as expected their wallet is now available at Apple’s store for bitcoin users, who are looking for the latest cryptocurrency wallet in town.

Touted, by its developers to be the, “old school billfold,” Pheeva is built to fulfil your transactional needs. What Pheeva does not do is become a large vault for bitcoin stashing, but will remain confined to small-value transactions for localized purchases, and is meant to be much like holding change in your pockets, except that Pheeva would be on your smartphone as an app and allow you to pay for petty transactions.

Pheeva and Co-op

However, what makes this ‘hot’ digital wallet interesting is the co-operative based platform on which it is based. For the two developers of this pocket-sized wallet, the core mission is to ensure that there is ease of use in the alternative currency segment. They have started the Cycle of Goodness Co-operative so that members, say students and others with restrictive financial freedom always have a digital ‘perk’ via Pheeva.

Pheeva’s perks include discounts on apps which are already developed, besides offering revenue sharing in the near future.

Other features include Pheeva Fill, for purchase of gift cards of bitcoins with their Pheeva Wallet. Currently, Pheeva Plus feature has over 200 brands on its rolls, allowing the wallet users to buy or use services of these top brands via the wallet or through the purchase of digital gift cards of these 200 brands to make those discerning purchases.

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